Beth (xxcauterizexx) wrote in laguna_ladies,

My Tiffany Necklace
BCBG bag
Vera Bradley bag
Juicy Couture Pink Velour Zip Up and Shkirt
Ralph Lauren Silver/White Big pony polo
Ralph Lauren Cashmere sweater
Bobbi Brown makeup
Cute stuff from A&F
Lacoste polos
Black Uggs
DDR (Yeah, I'm cool..what now?)
Lots of Pajamas
Ashlee Simpson and Jack's Mannequin CD's
DVDs: Mean Girls (I lost mine) Clueless and Cinderella (both revised editions)
Stuff for scrapbooking
A cute case for my iPod
CD visor for my car (it's a  right of passage in my house, when you start driving, you get one)
Lily Pulitzer polo and skirt
Cashmere scarf from J.Crew
And other cute little assorted things..

This Christmas was good to me!!!!

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