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The 411 on you :
1. <b>Name</b>: lillian
2. <b>Nicknames</b>: lilly
3. <b>Age</b>: 16
4. <b>Birthday</b>: june
5. <b>Location and What it is Like</b>: nyc and it's amazing
6. <b>Status (If involved please provide a picture if possible)<b>: nope
7. <b>Details about your other half :( how long have you been together, what you like about them ect.)</b>:
About you:

1. <b>Favorite Bands (x3)</b>: postal service/billy talent
2. <b>Favorite Stores (x3)</b>:  abercrombie..hollister
3. <b>Tell us 3 unique things about yourself</b>: i can touch my nose with my tongue, i can put my foot behind my head, and im obsessed with jimmy fallon..but not in a stalker way lol
4. <b>Your natural hair color and what it is now</b>: blonde and its blonde now
5. <b>Tell us your biggest faults</b>: trusting others too easily
6. <b>Any tattoos or piercings? Where? / What?</b>: piercrings= 10 ear piercings (2 cartilage and 4 other holesin ear ) tongue, belly button
7. <b>What are the best things and worst things people say about you</b>: best that i have an awesome personality..worst..probably that im always energetic
8. <b>Pet Peeves</b>: hypocrites
9. <b>If any song could be a theme song for your life, what would it be? And Why? b>: hrmm.. love burns brighter than sunshine by aqualung
10. <b>Make us laugh (Picture, Joke, etc.)</b>: so there are 2 muffins in a muffin says to the other. "wow its hot in here" and the other muffin goes, "OMG A TALKING MUFFIN!!" hahaha
11. <b>What Make you a Laguna Lady?</b>: i lovee this show so much
12. <b>If you could be one character or person who would you be and why?</b>:  from the show? kristin. cause she rocks

1. <b>Beauty</b>: is beautiful lol
2. <b>Materilistic People</b>: can be snobby
3. <b>Cheaters</b>: suck
4. <b>Old Navy</b>: is for kids
5. <b>School Violence</b>: is bad,

Community related:
1. <b>How did you hear about Laguna Ladies?</b>: on a friends lj
2. <b>Promote in 3 places we will check if you do not do this it’s an automatic reject!</b>
3. <b>Alright now post 3-5 pictures of yourself  and a 100x100 if you don't know how ask someone they should help!</b>

i have no pictures of mee..sorry!


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