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The 411 on you :
1. Name:Emily
2. Nicknames: Em, mim, and sometimes chicken,[because i call my best friend cow..lol]
3. Age:15
4. Birthday:1/24
5. Location and What it is Like: Virgina..my town is probably the smallest one in Va..but i love it to death...there isnt much to do around here, but there is a few good places to go eat!
6. Status (If involved please provide a picture if possible): Single
7. Details about your other half :( how long have you been together, what you like about them ect.): no details..=(

About you:

1. Favorite Bands (x3): fall out boy, rascall flatts, and three six mafia
2. Favorite Stores (x3): pacsun,a&f, and maurices
3. Tell us 3 unique things about yourself:i dont think i am very unique..but ill try..i am very trustworthy, independent, and i am very random
4. Your natural hair color and what it is now:blonde..but it is currently a sandy brown with blonde highlights
5. Tell us your biggest faults:i am a very picky person..
6. Any tattoos or piercings? Where? / What?: just my ears..
7. What are the best things and worst things people say about you:best;that im really easy to get along with..and the worst is that i can have an attitude sometimes?
8. Pet Peeves: i can not stand when im taking notes in class or something..and i mess up or someone makes me mess up..it wakes me exremely mad.....i also dont like feet..and when people dont know that..they put thier feet on me..eww
9. If any song could be a theme song for your life, what would it be? And Why? (Post some lyrics):i think it would be..."girl next door" by Saving jane... "Shes the prom queen,and im in the marching band, shes a cheerleader, and im sitting in the stands, she gets the top bunk and im sleeping on the floor..shes miss america and im just the girl next door"
10. Make us laugh (Picture, Joke, etc.): Image hosting by Photobucket
11. What Makes you a Laguna Lady?: first off.. I am obsessed with Laguna beach.. and kill to live like them..
12. If you could be one character or person who would you be and why?: most likely, Kristin ..because we are just soo different..and i would love to find out what it would be like to live like her

1. Beauty: i think inner beauty is way more important than outer beauty..because if your a bitch, then your going to seem ugly anyway.
2. Materilistic People: major materialistic people get on my nerves,but its ok to want materials
3. Cheaters: they are stupid.. there is nothing more to say about them
4. Old Navy: i love it` its one of my Favorite Stores
5. School Violence: well..there are fights at my school like everyday` and i hate them..they are so immature

Community related:
1. How did you hear about Laguna Ladies?: i seen a laguna beach icon so i clicked on it and found this community l0l
2. Promote in 3 places we will check if you do not do this it’s an automatic reject!



3. Alright now post 3-5 pictures of yourself and a 100x100 if you don't know how ask someone they should help!
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket me and my brothers girlfriend...Kristin

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